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Our History

Ministry in Motion School of Dance was founded in 1992 in incorporated in 2006. It developed from an overwhelming response of several students who expressed a desire to dance after a praise and worship experience with the mini team. The dance ministry was founded on the principle of reaching and teaching students about God through the art of dance. The school emphasizes the significance of outreach by welcoming students from other churches, different backgrounds and religion. Students learn fundamental dance techniques, terminology, and history applying basic Christian principles through instruction.

Our Vision

Pioneering a future where dance transcends cultural boundaries, our vision is to be a global force for artistic innovation and social impact. Through groundbreaking performances, inclusive education, and community engagement, we aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering a world where the transformative power of dance enriches lives, inspires creativity, and promotes understanding across diverse communities.

Our Mission

Empowering communities through the transformative power of movement and storytelling, our dance theater non-profit is dedicated to fostering inclusivity, creativity, and social change. We believe in the universal language of dance as a vehicle for expression, connection, and empowerment. Join us in cultivating a vibrant, diverse, and compassionate world where the art of dance transcends boundaries and inspires positive impact.

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