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Who We Are

MINISTRY IN MOTION, INC. (est.1992) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) international dance theatre commissioned to spread the Gospel through dance, drama, creative writing, and music awareness. We provide a diverse dance experience for both our students and audiences: exploring artistic skills for personal development, character building, leadership, and self-empowerment while inspiring and preparing individuals to thrive.


  • Mexico

  • ST Vencent West Indies

  • India

  • Uganda

  • Kenya

  • Brazil

  • Haiti

  • The Philippines

  • The Bahamas

  • Hawaii

  • England

We connect different cultures globally through the shared language of dance and drama, serving as a bridge that brings people together. Additionally, we extend our outreach to those who may feel lost or distressed, sharing the rich experience of African American Dance.

Furthermore, we foster connections between senior citizens and the younger generation, utilizing dance as a means of bridging the gap. Through the dance experience, we aim to educate everyone about the importance of respecting their body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing that they should not be misused by others.

We shift perspectives through community and public education, enlightening them about the history and significance of dance and its connection to worship.

We reshape cultures to align with the standards of Christ by addressing entire nations with inspiration, motivation, and encouragement through artistic expressions.

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