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Inspiring Lives through Movement

      M.I.M shares the dance experience locally, throughout the United States, and internationally. We have touched lives around the world:

Mexico        St. Vincent West Indies      India      Uganda      Kenya      South Africa


       Haiti      The Philippines      The Bahamas      Hawaii      England      Brazil

List of Ministry Events


      AIE Startup Factory Haiti Fundraiser – We believe in supporting other ministries and supporting the underserved in other countries.  Our dance presentation at this event encouraged individuals to care, serve, give and delight in the process. As the audience observed the performance, they embraced the journey of dance with us displayed by the smiles on their faces. Three of the dancers traveled to Haiti with the mission team, delivering the school supplies, book bags, and other items to the orphanages.  They shared the dance experience in Haiti which warmed the hearts of the children and adults.

      Care Net Medical Clinic Annual Banquet – We stand for all life.  Our vision demands that we change those gaps suggesting that one life is more important than the other.  Whether young, old, in the wound or out of the wound, we support that life.  Through the dance experience, we can give a visual demonstration about making an informed decision facing a crisis.  We encourage life for our seniors, often forgotten and believe in connecting them with the next generation.

      Clarkston Community Outreach – The power of dance in community outreach serves as a rod of love, which gives a visual of community together in dance, sharing expressions of love, joy and hope in movement.  Many of the children participated by dancing with us while being affected by the power of God through the music.

      Hosea Feed the Hungry Holiday Dinners – The atmosphere shifts when the dancers appear on stage to share the gift of dance and drama during the gatherings.  Many are those who often have not received a hug, seen a doctor, or just looked in the face with a greeting of “I love you”.  Sharing the dance experience at these dinners are more rewarding for us although we go to be a blessing to those less fortunate who need a hand up and not a handout.  You hear the expressions of love through the clapping and applauses coming from the audience. Kingdom Investment Ministry

      Maximum Impact Love Back to School, Summer, Book Bags and Christmas Event Outreach – Watching children in the audience participating with us dancing is a joy for us like no other.  The laughter, smiles and excitement from our audience provoked us to dance even the more, engaging each face with each movement we make.  The power of storytelling through the dance allows us to address issues like bulling.  We are able to encourage many to be strong and have faith to stand. 

      Reinhart Bonnke Gospel Crusade, Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA – Participating in one of the largest crusades in Atlanta was electrifying.  Performing with other dancers from the city, we prepared the atmosphere to make way for the word of God to be delivered.  The audience responded to the power of the dance, song and music as we weaved in and out, in circles with hands raised and smiles on our face.  To see hundreds of people standing to their feet, dancing in the aisles and moving with us in the dance released the power of worship and praise.

      SCLC Justice For Girls Sex Trafficking Prevention Conference – One of our dancers shared her life of being young and out of control.  As the young ears listened to her story of redemption, they were compelled to ask questions to help them change.  We presented the story of the daughter of a queen who caused John the Baptist to lose his head.  Her seductive dance was used to bring death, not life.  We left them with the question “ Will your dance bring life or death.  They were amazed by the story and its application to their lives today.  We shared advice about prevention and also allowed them to dance with us to see how beautiful worshiping in the dance is. 

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